Scourers & Hand Pads

3M™ Nailsaver Sponge


A cost-effective nail-saver sponge, offering good power in general scouring, and delicate surface cleaning tasks.

Available in the following colours:

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.

3M™ Scouring Pad


General purpose scouring pad with a range of cleaning applications, offering excellent value for money.


3M™ Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Scouring Pad 96


A flexible and long-lasting general purpose cleaning pad with an open construction to aid easy rinsing. - Great general purpose medium scouring power - Long lasting thanks to the abrasive particles spread throughout the pad - Non-rusting and resilient.

3M Scotch-Brit Purple Scouring Pad 2020


The new generation of cleaning - this innovative pad combines power with delicacy. Strong scouring power, 10 times more durable than conventional pads. Cleans the dirtiest pots and pans twice as fast as standard heavy-duty scourers but scratches up to 11 times less. Food debris easily rinsed out of the pad. Perfect substitute to steel wool and stainless steel scrubber.