Mop Buckets

Optima Industrial Heavy Duty 12 LT Mop Bucket

Additional Information:

Raised cone wringer, very strong, superb quality, cautionj wet floor signs warning. 

Suitable for mops 10,12,12,16, RHP and Optima 200- 300g  and all white mops.

Standard 9 LT Bucket

Additional information:

Fixed Handle, good durability. graduated in litres & Gallons

All colours available.


25 Litre Mopping System with Gear Press Wringer

Additional Information:

25 Lt capacity for cleaning large areas.

Easy to manoeuvre, complete with colour coded gear press wringer, large carrying handle, " Cautio Wet Floor" on both sides of the bucket.

24 Ltr Bison Bucket & Wringer


A good quality contract bucket and wringer, at a super saver price.

24 litre
Colour coded

20 Ltr Microspeedy Bucket & Wringer


The speedy bucket is designed for use for ‘damp mopping’ with microfibre mops. Colour coded with an easy to use wringer, this bucket is an essential for ‘quick response’ cleaning with microfibre flat mops. 

15 Litre Professional Bucket with High Profile Wringer


High profile wringer means overspill goes back into bucket not onto the floor. ‘Caution Wet Floor’ printed on both sides. Heavy duty plastic handle Graduation marks. Colour coded.

12 Litre Hygiene Mop Bucket & Wringer


Contract mop bucket and wringer. Slide lip for easy pouring.

15L Black Builders Bucket


Made from sturdy polypropylene featuring an integral pouring spout, internal gradation marks, and with a strong metal handle.

Ambassador Heavy Duty Steel Mop Wringer


Gear operated, zinc coated with/without colour sided panels. Nylon pressure bars. 

Use with mops 350-560gm (12-20oz)