Mop Handles & Fittings

Colour Coded Aluminium handles

Additional Information:

With screw thread to fit mop range, colour coded brooms and hygiene brooms.


Aluminium Telescopic Handles

Additional Information:

Extends up to 184cm.

for use with flat mopping systems.

Available in all 4 colours.


V Sweeper Kit

Additional Information:

A dry dust control system. 


Plastic Kentucky Mop Holder

Additional Infrormation:

Accepts most handles.

Compression Fitting.


Exel Mop Handles


Lightweight aluminium handle with colour coded grip & easy push fit fitting for Exel® sockets.

Fits all Exel® sockets

Alloy Handle with Plastic Kentucky Fitting


Lightweight aluminium handle with colour coded plastic fitting already attached. For use with Kentucky mops

137cm x 2.4cm

Wall tidy


Keep your broom cupboards tidy with this high quality push and grip system which accomodates 3 handles from 9 to 35mm diameter. Available in 5 colours including white. 

Ergo-Globe Telescopic Handle


90cm telescopic handle extends to 162cm
Clips onto trolley grips