Dusters, Cloths,Towels & Scourers

Polyester Flick Duster with Extending handle

Additional information:

Antistatic, extends to 118.5 cm 

Lambswool Duster with extending Plastic Handle

Additional Information:

Assorted Colours. 74 cm Long.

Extends up to 108 cm

Magic Sponge

Additional Infromation:

Ideal for taps, tiles, baths & Sinks. Use on stainless steel appliances, alloy wheels, trainers & shoes, walls and fllors.

Melamine foam.

Golden Magnet Dust Maid


Hand held general purpose dusting tool, V-shape washable fringe makes it ideal for dusting pipes and blinds. Handle also fits onto pole for high dusting.

Microfibre Micro Maid Dusting


Exceptional quality dusting sleeve for deep cleaning. Handle has angle adjustable ratchet joint for easier access to hard to reach areas. Use the telescopic handle (sold separately) for higher level cleaning. 


High Level Cleaning Tool


  • A handy cleaning tool which bends into required shape to suit
  • Microfibre sleeve picks up dust and dirt
  • Can be used dry or damp for tougher cleaning
  • Sleeve washable